Foster Children Receive over 285 Pieces of Luggage through Tiffany Haddish’s Appearance at The Funny Bone!

Comedian Tiffany Haddish, breakout star of this summer's #1 comedy Girls Trip, performed five sell-out shows September 22 through 24 at The Virginia Beach Funny Bone.

As part of her performances, Haddish encouraged ticket holders to bring a new or gently used suitcase to the performances to benefit local foster children, organized by Norfolk Friends of Foster Care, Norfolk Department of Human Services and One27 Initiative. 

Attendees to Haddish’s performances at The Funny Bone donated over two hundred eighty-five suitcases and luggage pieces, in an amazing display of benevolence for the foster youth of Hampton Roads.

 The luggage will be distributed to foster children throughout the Hampton Roads region because, as Haddish says, “Every child that is removed from their parents deserves to have a suitcase and a safe place to lay their head, I want to help with the suitcase part.”

 Known for her role in the box office hit “Girls Trip,” Haddish was nine years old when her mother suffered brain damage as a result of a car accident. Two years later, Haddish and her siblings were split up and placed into foster homes. Growing up as a foster child, she recalls the empty feeling of having her belongings carried out in trash bags as she moved from home to home. Haddish’s experiences inspired her efforts to help prevent similar feelings in foster children with this drive that will provide suitcases and duffel bags for children living in foster care so they will never know the indignity of having their possessions stuffed into a trash bag when they are relocated.


August Spotlight

Norfolk Friends of Foster Care is off to a great start in part due to our close relationship with the Norfolk Department of Human Services. Through our contacts there, we are able to guide potential foster parents in the right direction and provide resources for foster parents and children after placement.

This month we’re highlighting some of the wonderful people we work alongside at DHS.

Meet LaCora Harris:


LaCora is the Family Services Supervisor at DHS. In her current position, she strives to reunify foster children with their biological parents or relatives.

LaCora hasn’t always worked in Family Services, though. She first became interested in working in foster care when she interned in Culpeper, Virginia, and realized she wanted to move on to an area where there were much more foster children in need of assistance. After her time at Old Dominion University, she progressed from working in the resource department to a Family Services Worker II, and then to where she is now.

Because of her path through DHS, LaCora is well-versed in almost every aspect of foster care. She has worked with potential foster parents, training them and providing resources so they are well-prepared to take in foster children. She has provided assistance for foster parents after they have taken in children, making sure they work through difficult situations so the children remain in a stable home. She has also worked with foster teenagers as they prepare for independence, and with mothers who are in foster care to help them prepare for their and their child’s future.

“My favorite part of my job is finding permanency for foster children, whether that means reuniting them with their biological family, or facilitating an adoption,” says LaCora. She is clearly passionate about making sure foster children feel a sense of stability, explaining that the process of moving from home to home can be a huge stressor for children. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on the effects of being in foster care on children, she says that getting the biological parents back on track and maintaining an open line of communication between the parents and foster parents can make all the difference.

Thank you, LaCora, for all that you do for Norfolk Friends of Foster Care and the Norfolk Department of Human Services!


August Spotlight

Norfolk Friends of Foster Care is off to a great start in large part due to our close relationship with the Norfolk Department of Human Services (NDHS). Through our contacts there, we are able to guide potential foster parents in the right direction and provide resources for foster parents and children after placement.

This month we’re highlighting some of the wonderful people we work alongside at DHS.

Meet Camille Campos-Wilson, a member of our NDHS Advisory Board:


Camille is the Office Manager at the Foster Care and Adoption Unit at DHS. She also functions as the Community Resource Coordinator, attending local community events for outreach and recruitment of potential foster parents.

Four years ago, Camille was working on the resource team as an administrative assistant. She knew that as DHS “closed” parents to foster children because they had taken in the maximum number of children per home, there weren’t enough parents to take in all of Norfolk’s foster children. Speaking with Camille, you can hear the passion and concern in her voice. It makes sense that when she saw the need for more foster parents, she took on the task.

Camille and a team of like-minded coworkers (who weren’t even connected to the same unit!) began working after-hours without pay to reach out to potential foster parents and steer them away from preconceived notions about foster care. Their team had no budget for recruitment, and were constantly hitting a wall when they sought out funding. This is where Norfolk Friends of Foster Care comes into play, providing resources for foster children and making it easier for parents to bring foster children into their homes.

“I continue to go to places like the Norfolk Zoo, Norfolk Tides baseball games and the Aquatic Center to speak directly to people and provide information on becoming a foster parent,” says Camille. Even when people do not have the ability to foster at the moment, they often still want to provide help in any way they can. Camille stays in contact with foster parents even after placement, and stands as the main line of communication between DHS and NFFC.  

Thank you, Camille, for all that you do for Norfolk Friends of Foster Care and the Norfolk Department of Human Services!


Norfolk DHS August Newsletter

We have a great relationship with the Norfolk Department of Human Services, and they put out a regular newsletter with helpful information for anyone interested in or involved in foster care. You can click through the pages below: 

Empty Nesters

One of the toughest times during parenthood is when your child leaves home for the first time to be on their own. The term “empty nest syndrome” refers to the feelings that come with this transitional period, and one treatment many families find rewarding is becoming a foster parent. 

As a parent with a now ‘empty nest,’ you already have the experience, the tools and the space to foster a child in need of a good and stable home. Becoming a foster parent certainly has ups and downs, and this video highlights just a few concerns of parents considering foster parenting. If you are an empty nester and have thought about fostering a child, this is a great example of what you could experience: 

NFFC 2016-2017 Annual Report

The Board of Directors and Executive Officers of Norfolk Friends of Foster Care are pleased to release our 2016-2017 Annual Report. This first year has exceeded our expectations in terms of growth, mission expansion, and overall scope. From partnering with the YMCA of South Hampton Roads to providing birthday and holiday gifts to 100% of foster youth in the Norfolk Court system, it has been a big year. We know that this is only the start! 

Thank you for your support of Norfolk Friends of Foster Care. We are thankful for every donation of time and resources from people and organizations in our amazing community. As NFFC heads into 2017-2018, we hope to build even stronger relationships and to be able to do more for foster families in Hampton Roads. 

Click the cover image below and flip through the Annual Report today to get a better sense of what this year has meant to us and who has made it possible. 


President Audra Bullock on Hampton Roads Focus

Norfolk Friends of Foster Care President Audra Bullock was excited to get the opportunity to be a guest on Hampton Roads Focus with Mike Arlo of 106.9 The Fox!

The June 11th radio appearance helps the Norfolk Friends of Foster Care share information about the need for foster parents, particularly for older children and teens, who are often under served when it comes to ongoing, consistent foster care families.  Please listen to the interview, and share with friends and others who may be interested in learning more about foster care opportunities in our community. Listen below: 



Foster Care Aware Was a Great Success!

What a wonderful weekend! The Foster Care Aware Block Party was a great success. We were thrilled to help families learn more about what it takes to foster children and teens in Hampton Roads. 

Thanks to all who participated, from current foster families, to those interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, to City of Norfolk officials and employees and finally our generous sponsors.  We so much appreciate the support for increasing awareness about the need for foster parents in our community.


Staying in Touch

We know first-hand that considering becoming a foster parent can feel daunting or even overwhelming.  It's a commitment that isn't right for everyone, but those who take the step find unexpected joy in raising a child or teen, and making a positive difference that stands the test of time.

If you're interested in supporting foster care, but not sure if becoming a foster parent is right for you, we're happy to let you know there are lots of ways you can learn more, and support our mission.  Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Attend our Foster Care Aware Block Party on May 27th starting at 1 p.m. outside at the Harrison Opera House in Norfolk.  You can learn more about the event and activities, here.
  • You can follow us on Facebook, where we provide information about Norfolk Friends of Foster Care and the Norfolk Department of Human Services, as well as links to informative articles, tips for foster parents and more.  Click here to visit our Facebook page.
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  • We're also getting social on Instagram and Twitter, so follow us there, if you hang out there!
  • Of course we're always happy to have people get involved, too - learn more here

We welcome any interested in or supportive of foster care, and look forward to expanding knowledge and opportunities for children in our community.