Through our Tutoring Program we aim to improve graduation rates among foster youth and help better prepare them for post-secondary education, so they have the skills required to support themselves as productive young adults.

We have contracted an exceptional group of highly qualified tutors, with the experience and training to work one-on-one with foster youth that need special attention and intensive support. These tutors remain paired with the children wherever they go, so if they are moved from one foster home to another or are returned to their biological families, our tutors remain a constant source of academic, and in many cases emotional, support.

In 2017, Norfolk Friends of Foster Care provided tutoring for 68 foster children, with 53 children tutored on an ongoing, weekly basis. That is over 50% of school-aged foster children in Norfolk, and we are continuing to grow this program to meet the needs of foster youth across Hampton Roads. Contact us to learn more.

NFFC Thanks Our Tutoring Program Sponsors

The NFFC Tutoring Program is supported by grants from:

The Community Leadership Partners of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

The Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

The Wells Fargo Foundation

Harbor Group Internatiomal

Dominion Tower

And through the generous support of individual Donors like you.